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The world is not the same for everyone, but problems to be solved tend to be very similar.

This is why Bexfy offers a complete suite for both single-brand companies and multi-brand businesses.

Because we all want to improve sales.

Double innovation:

Innovation in customer experience
Are you a mono-brand?

Optimize digital communication (audio, video, fragrances...) in each of your stores or locations.

Innovation in multi-channel exploitation
Are you a single and multi-brand company?

Expand your marketing to all physical channels and capture the value of what happens there.

All points of sale controlled at the same time

Whether you have stores (retail, mass consumption, pharmacy...) or locations (hotels, banks, automobiles...), controlling marketing and sales in real time at each location is key to great business in the physical world. With Bexfy Enterprise the "Glocal" (Think Global, Act Local) is finally possible, automatable and scalable.

Your stores breathe your brand

The world is global. Your customers expect the same experience at any of your brand's locations. With Bexfy Enterprise you create a unique branding pattern that allows all locations (own or external) to have the same vibe. A music atmosphere, audiovisual content and unique and distinctive ambient scent that enhance all your marketing efforts.

Artificial Intelligence automation

Intelligent automation is the next frontier in task optimization. Bexfy´s platform is built on algorithms that allow content management to scale. Forget the limitations and costs of customizing by location, Albert® is the system that takes care of this job for you, selecting the most appropriate content for the most suitable place, at the best timing. Keeping Albert® on your team is a smart decision.

Full reliability

We are experts at the physical location. We know you'll want to make sure your own systems work perfectly. For this purpose, our solution can incorporate individual physical controllers (mini PCs) that we call Bexfy Box. The Box makes sure that everything works, is self-reliant and intelligent.

Automatic and unassisted

Bexfy´s platform broadcasts the music and videos that best communicate the brand and its products. And it does so with the right content, in the right place, at the right time. Forget manual managers (CMS) and switch to automated marketing.

Custom fit

Do you have one urban location and another on the beach? Do you want the experience to be the same but subtly adjusted? You can customize the contents for specific scenarios or locations that require fine-tuning. We call it Customs®.

Graphic dashboard

Your brand pattern is the combination of several factors that are configured during the Bexfy Enterprise installation. You will be able to see the result of this pattern in a graphical, comfortable and practical way.

Full media manager

Content is everything. We have created a complete digital asset manager to make it easy and quick to update the best content in all your locations.

A unique vision to change everything

Bexfy Enterprise is an intelligent ecosystem, with its own algorithms, built with AWS (Amazon Web Service) world leader in Cloud.

The news media report a unique idea

“The' Netflix' of in-store marketing. The platform allows brands to automate the transmission of content to all their points of sale.”

“It allows brand campaigns to be integrated into the digital communication of the store,' which usually have more resources to generate content'.”

“It's time for the industry to also innovate in the customer experience of physical locations.”


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Manage digital communication for your locations like never before.

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