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Leveraging digital communication in the real world to get ahead in business

Digitalisation from another angle


Increasing online retail is putting massive pressure on stationary retail. For this reason, retailers are being forced to rethink their shop concepts and adapt to the digital development.

But in most cases the current digital Point Of Sale communication solutions haven’t shed the analogue weight completely and still feel complex, expensive and far from optimising the purchase for the customer and the sale for the retailer.

Bexfy wants to do better and offers a whole new generation of solutions for digital communication in the real world: always native, cohesive, inexpensive and effective.

Of Millennial purchases are still done in physical stores.
of the people go to physical stores at least once a week vs. 15% online stores.
of the people don’t purchase via mobile at least once a week. 55% never-ever bought using smartphone.

We merged Point Of Sales experts with Digital pros to partner with clients, at every level of their organization, bridging strategy and execution to capitalize on digital influence in physical-stores.

Business partners for digital communication in the real world.

Are you facing the challenge of digitalising your stationary retail?

We will support, advise and accompany you in finding the right and most effective solution for you.



Guiding brands through any communication challenge. As an independent firm we are free to provide free and unbiased help, optimising solutions. Our advisory team works for any company level and department (CEO, sales, marketing, operations) and for a multitude of industries and markets.



Seamless support and teamwork throughout the whole process, reducing complexity and aligning teams to guarantee an efficient and effective experience. Focus on lasting improvements in performance and goal achievement for all our clients.



Content and creativity are key to get enduring results. Big figures don’t show up right after running a new POS improvement, it takes time to build the right kind of engagement. We deliver practical and enticing regular content, always focused on growth and lead.

Seniority & Expertise


Solutions provided by a group of senior professionals and advisors who truly understands the power of digital at the Point Of Sale.

“There’s no compression algorithm for experience.”
– Andy Jassy, CEO Amazon Web Services.

Coming soon
We are developing our own RASS tools (Retail As A Service). A set of standards for a new generation of technology, all cloud, native and cohesive, to generate insights and make smarter, faster and better decisions.



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New worlds can be opened up for stationary retail if you look at digitalisation from another angle.