Bexfy Data®

Analyse your sales

Do you sell in several countries around the world? Do you have leftover stock each season? Would you like to run specific campaigns according to each customer's sales?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are interested in Bexfy Data®.

What Bexfy Data® offers you

Receive sales figures from your retail or wholesale channels

Make better decisions with real data. Identify critical points and benefit from real-time management.

Start planning and forget about reacting!

Segment your customer database and identify the most valuable customers to reward their loyalty.

Sign up for Bexfy Data, link our software to your PC and configure your POS details. It couldn't be easier!

Create as many points of sale and POS connections as needed

Choose your plan

Data® available from Bexfy Brand®

It offers regular discounts and exclusive promotions based on results.

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