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We are a team of professionals dedicated to new technologies who enjoy creating digital solutions that help in the world of omnichannel communication. Be it content, installations or SaaS tools.

Our history

In 2017, Christian Meyer, with more than 25 years of experience in the fashion retail sector and various digital communication companies, and Félix Buget, founder of Blanco y Negro Music, the leading independent record company in the Spanish market, created Bexfy with the aim of revolutionising the world of retail, creating new solutions that would respond to the audiovisual communication needs detected at the physical point of sale and improve the consumer's customer journey and change audiovisual management.

This great challenge began with music management 3.0, through the contextualised, automated and unassisted personalisation of content and the creation of audiovisual content that would bring added value to the framework spaces, be it an establishment, a company or a restaurant.

Over time, new tools were added that would not only allow audiovisual management and creation, but would also be a bridge for collaboration in a market where omni-channelling was becoming more and more relevant. It was a matter of conceptualising and carrying out 360 projects where the global vision was nourished by audiovisual elements, management of communication channels, data flow, hardware, etc.



  • Graphic design
  • Motion graphics
  • CGI (3d, matte painting, VFX)
  • Web (front designer)
  • E-commerce y Mkt digital
  • Art Direction
  • Storytelling
  • Edition
  • Cine
  • Micro-Services Development
  • Web & Apps Development
  • QA Testing
  • Developer Analyst
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Programmer Management Consulting
  • Programmer Consulting Dev
  • Ops Engineer
  • Software Project Manager
  • Music Curator
  • Sound designer
  • Music Composing
  • Arte sonoro
  • Instrumentalists

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