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"In Fashionalia, the challenge was a joint one for both parties to build the first phygital shop in the fashion world in Europe, but the more difficult the challenge, the more fun, comprehensive and constructive the collaboration has been. Working with Bexfy is to have a different, exclusive, differential partner".


Sergio Lucas

CEO Fashionalia

"Since we have been working with Bexfy Studio, we have noticed a very evident improvement in quality and operability. Bexfy offers us a comprehensive product image service, but they also care about knowing the business, the product and its pros and cons. and what are the pros and cons of it. Based on that, they develop new ideas and perspectives that we may not discuss or come up with internally and help enrich our e-commerce platform and digital strategy. digital strategy."


Samuel Velazquez

Senior Manager Ecommerce at KELME

"Bexfy has supported us with the whole implementation of the customer experience in physical terms, not only digitally, but also in music, aromas... they have always been very proactive, which has allowed us to move forward faster than we expected. us to move forward faster than we expected.


Javier Figar

Global Direct to Consumer Senior Director at Pepe Jeans

"Technology and sustainability are absolutely compatible, in fact, sustainability needs technology in order to move forward. By 2020, the retail sector will have to invest primarily in the shopping experience, that's the big challenge.


Marcos Pérez

Global Sales Director at Ecoalf

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